OutCyte 1.0 server

OutCyte, as a versatile tool, can predict input proteins as signal-peptide containing, transmembrane-domain containing, intracellular or unconventionally secreted. (Max 2000 Sequences)


We developed OutCyte based on data from our secretome Mass Spectrometric experiments, differing from the existing tools that augmented unconventional secretion data by removing signal peptides from classical secretions.

The primary goal of OutCyte is to predict potential unconventional protein secretions (UPS) from intracellular proteins, which do not possess either a signal peptide or transmembrane domains. Therefore we built OutCyte-SP to first filter proteins with these special domains, then the rest proteins are highly likely to be intracellular proteins and are fed into OutCyte-UPS for identify UPS.


Predict input proteins to be signal-peptide containing, transmembrane* or intracellular proteins


Estimate the scores of input proteins being UPS, default score threshold 0.5


OutCyte-SP first filters intracellular proteins, OutCyte-UPS further estimate the scores of being UPS

*OutCyte-SP is only able to predict transmembrane proteins with transmembrane domain at first 70AA.

Data sets

The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the development of OutCyte are available on request.

For any question, please contact Linlin Zhao or Prof. Kai Stühler . We appreciate and look forward to your feedback.